The Bimedia challenge

The Bimedia challenge: an adventure, just like your business

2 months and 8 days, that’s how long it took Yvan Bourgnon to meet the Bimedia challenge!
Bimedia supported him in an extraordinary adventure: travelling solo from Alaska to Greenland, via the Northwest Passage, in a sport catamaran, without a cabin or any assistance.

A world first!

A shared ambition to conquer new territories

The spirit of innovation

For the sailor, this means opening up a maritime route very close to the North Pole. For the teams at Bimedia it means coming up with solutions every day which help our customers to sell more and better.

Authenticity in action

Like the competitor, at the mercy of the elements while sailing (powered only by the wind), Bimedia favours authenticity in its interpersonal relationships.

Demanding high standards

Alone on board, the sailor pushes his own physical and mental limits to make his way through the beauty and dangers of the Arctic Ocean. He must remain vigilant at all times, just like Bimedia as it supports its customers by forging new paths and future routes for them to explore.

The Vendée identity (into the wind!)

Based since its foundation in La Roche-sur-Yon, a few kilometres from one of the world capitals of sailing, Les Sables d’Olonne, Bimedia is deeply rooted in the identity of this adventurous region.

Taking risks

For Yvan Bourgnon, this means sailing 7500 km through icebergs, confronting average temperatures of -10 degrees, encountering polar bears and living entirely alone for around two months. For Bimedia, it means leaving its comfort zone, having the ambition to push the boundaries and tackle new markets.

Caring (taking responsibility)

For the seafarer, this is about sharing issues of melting ice and global warming. For the company, caring involves the attention paid to every customer, offering them solutions which contribute to their commercial development.


"By supporting one of the most talented skippers of his generation, Bimedia underlines its quest for excellence and its strong Vendée identity. Supporting Yvan Bourgnon in his journey through the Northwest Passage is a privilege for Bimedia. In addition to being an incredible sporting and personal adventure, the Bimedia Challenge is an exercise in awareness-raising about environmental issues and ocean protection."

Guillaume Dewaël,
CEO of Bimedia