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Brasseries, cafes and restaurants

With Bimedia Brasserie by l’Addition, Bimedia offers you a management solution for your shop developed and designed for and with restaurateurs. With its touchscreen and user-friendly design, our cash register is suitable for brasseries and restaurants of all sizes.

Customised and intuitive bill-sharing
Real-time multi-terminal operation, no internet required
Help available 6 days per week, plus an authorised after-sales service

Bimedia Brasserie by L'Addition® provides:
  • A payment-collection system via iPad, iPhone or iPod adaptable to allbrasserie, bar, cafe or restaurant configurations,
  • Complete and intuitive payment-collection and management software,
  •  Customised and highly intuitive bill-sharing,
  •  Real-time multi-terminal operation, no internet required,
  • Help available 6 days per week, plus an accredited after-sales service.

Complete and 100% adapted to your business, our solution comprises:
  • Apple hardware for sale or hire if you do not already have it. Also compatible with iPhones and iPods.
  • a Bimedia Brasserie by L'Addition® software licence. Among other things, this software can be used for bookings, order taking, payment collection, stock management, customer account management, etc.
  • an after-sales service provided by technicians trained by the software developers and able to intervene locally.

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