Join the Bimedia adventure

Bimedia is a team of 150 dynamic and dedicated employees across France.

Since 2002, we have all shared the same objective: to make everyday life easier for our customers. We want to help them sell more and better, thanks to our payment-collection and management solutions: ranges of hardware, business software, exclusive services and professional support.

Our employees share strong values, including: "high standards", "innovation", "listening", "partnership" and "authenticity". This is the spirit which drove us to support skipper Yvan Bourgnon, in his challenge to travel from Alaska to Greenland on a non-inhabitable sailing boat, during summer 2017.

Our development ambitions require us to expand our teams. Joining Bimedia means:

  • the opportunity to work in an ambitious, growing company, which loves to take on new challenges.

  • having access to tailored training and integration pathways, from the moment you arrive.

  • benefiting from lots of training courses, and a wide range of promotion opportunities throughout your career.

Bimedia in figures

Our employees share their experience with you:

“Bimedia is a young SME, where you can still feel the spirit of innovation of a start-up and the dynamism of the teams. I entered BIMEDIA by the “back door” at the start of 2017 by joining the sales administration department on a temporary contract. I then applied for a job in the teleprospecting department, which I joined in April. I organise the agendas and portfolios of our sales agents in the North-East region, as well as sales activities. I’m part of a dynamic team, where thoroughness and tenacity in your work are appreciated and where you learn to love new challenges, which is very stimulating. From a personal perspective, I’m really optimistic about this new adventure and I can imagine some excellent career opportunities in the future. »
Thomas Mornet, Teleprospecting Department


“Bimedia is a dynamic company, which really listens to its employees, which considers their needs and gives them the means to succeed. As a sales agent, I have an overall objective of growing our fleet of cash registers. To achieve this, I need to win new prospects and ensure customer loyalty. This is a really interesting job, particularly in terms of the people you meet, because local traders come from all walks of life. To do this job, you have to know how to listen to customers, maintain a good network, and be capable of standing out from the rest. Our teams constantly strive for innovation, enabling our customers to sell more and better. I think Bimedia’s key asset is that it’s still a company on a human scale.”
Mickaël Tacheau, Sector Manager

“I’m happy in my work at Bimedia, because I’m given lots of autonomy to organise my tasks, and there’s a great atmosphere in my department. I’m in charge of training our customers so that they can get to grips with using our cash-register software as quickly as possible. I also contribute to discussions about our training programme. Certain qualities are essential to do my job properly, such as empathy, patience, and an interest in teaching. You need to be able to understand the customer, be comfortable on the phone, and know how to adapt your message so that they can assimilate as much as possible of what you want to convey to them. Bimedia is still a company on a human scale, which listens to its market, and which is responsive to the requirements of its customers, a value found at all levels of the company.”
Jean-Sébastien Billy, Cash Register Trainer