Looking for a touchscreen cash register equipped with a double screen? Discover the B Touch, the ideal tool for managing and animating your point of sale. The B Touch fits in anywhere, thanks to its selection of attachment brackets, enabling orientation and height adjustment. Its touchscreen is exceptionally responsive thanks to the use of capacitive technology (widely used today in tablets and smartphones). Its optimised lighting ensures particularly comfortable everyday use.

This type of double touchscreen cash register has been used by our customers since the early 2000s. The double-screen cash register was a real revolution, transforming point-of-sale organisation and the cash-register market.

Technical characteristics:

- 4 configuration options:

  • Standard base double screen
  • Standard base single screen
  • Double hub
  • Single-screen hub for remote advertising screen

- Protection of screen from dust and water (IP65 certification)

- Ultra-responsiveness touchscreen, thanks to the use of capacitive technology

- Optimised lighting for perfect legibility


Processor: Intel® Celeron® J1900

Memory: 4 GB

Power supply: 12V, 5A Adaptor

Storage: SSD 64 GB

Touchscreen: 15’’ / 1024*768 / capacitive screen

Second screen: 15

Dimensions (with a standard base):

  • Height: 347 mm
  • Depth: 210 mm
  • Width: 364 mm


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