Bimedia’s software has been developed alongside florists to match the specific features of their businesses and their everyday needs as closely as possible. NF525-certified, it can be used for collecting payments and managing your point of sale. Pleasant and simple to use, the various modules of our point-of-sale terminal will save you time and money.



Numerous options can be used to organise and optimise sales:

  • Ability to transfer receipts from one cash register to another

  • Payment collection operational even during network outage

  • Up to 4 multi-employee baskets simultaneously

  • Ability to configure 49 payment-collection buttons on screen

  • Automatic management of promotional offers

  • Standard payment methods: card, cheque, cash

  • Customised payment methods (e.g. recycling points, parcels, etc.)

  • EPTs integrated into cash register

  • Compatible with coin changer machines

  • VAT breakdown by family

  • Supports discounted prices for professionals or staff

  • Florajet flower deliveries included in our solution:

    1. Sender module: direct payment collection

    2. Executing module: real-time alerts and retrieval of the floral delivery directly on the cash register.


Simplifying in-store order taking:

  • Scheduling of date and time of redemption

  • Comments by product for composition

  • Association with a customer account for traceability and follow-up

  • Payment with order or on redemption

  • Option of deposit payment

  • Seller receipt for composition & customer receipt for redemption

  • Barcodes included on receipts for simplified payment collection

  • Order search by number, customer or date

  • Printable list of compositions to prepare

  • Seller alert for day’s orders

  • Access to order schedule from a PC

Activity sheet

View the sales forecast to anticipate compositions and purchases:

  • Average sales based on last 30 days

  • Consideration of daily peaks

  • Correction in line with daily sales already made

  • Correction in line with in-store stock

  • Family filters to isolate types of composition

  • 7-day rolling estimate

  • Estimate print-out

  • Access to the activity sheet from a PC


Implementing a customer loyalty strategy:

  • Loyalty card for easier identification

  • Recording of customer numbers or purchase volume

  • Conversion of points to loyalty vouchers or gifts

  • Prepaid account to reduce change handling

  • Accounting for monthly or weekly billing


Sharing data common to the points of sale of a network:

  • Product catalogue centralised in a network

  • Shared consumer customer reference

  • Loyalty vouchers, credit notes

Point-of-sale and stock management

  • Instant stock management

  • Inventory module

  • Order / supplier delivery management

  • Loss management (in progress)

Bimedia’s payment-collection solution is NF 525-certified, in accordance with the NF Certification Regulations for "Payment Collection Management Software" and standard ISO/IEC 25051 of the 22/09/2017, obtained under certificate number 17/0099.

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