Tobacconists, Newsagents and Bookshops are Bimedia’s traditional market. Since it was created in 2002, our software has been developed alongside tobacconists and newsagents to match the specific features of their businesses and their everyday needs as closely as possible. NF525-certified, it can be used for collecting payments, selling electronic products, and managing your point of sale. Pleasant and simple to use, the various modules of our point-of-sale terminal will save you time and money.

Technical characteristics :


  • Transfer receipts from one cash register to another

  • Save receipts after closure

  • Payment collection operational even during network outage

  • Payment collection for fine stamps and tax stamps via all cash registers in the point of sale


Remote and real-time access on (availability depends on commercial offer selected):

  • Modules available on computer and tablet: Tobacconists, Accounting (available soon), Business Monitoring, Bookshops

  • Module available on smartphone: Business Monitoring


  • Automatic synchronisation of misc. purchase orders and integration into the tobacco order

  • Ability to correct the quantity of a product on delivery of stock before injection

  • Order additional products in the tobacco order (e.g. parking ticket booklets, etc.)

  • Application of a seasonal coefficient


  • Automated management of delivery slips / unsold items statements

  • Calculation of estimated unsold items statement for the following day (up to 3 hours in advance)

  • Alert for delivery slips / unsold items statements not confirmed on closure of cash register

  • Creation of press sections (foreign press)

  • Overview of restocking requests and omission reminders

BOOKSHOPS (requires DILICOM subscription)

  • Product catalogue with cover image (complete FEL only)

  • Product reservations

  • Retailer management

  • Order and return proposals

  • Automatic dispatch of orders to DILICOM

  • Management of deliveries and shipment notices

  • Real-time sales dispatch

  • Transmission of customised reservation information by email


  • Secure, remote, real-time access to management data (daily readings, dashboards, suspicious activity, cash flow, etc.) (available soon)

  • Receipt search with multi-criteria filters (available soon)

  • Direct access to margins by group and by family on day of reading (available soon)

  • Simpler till counting (available soon)

  • Simpler cash-flow entry (inputs and outputs) (available soon)

  • Automatic tracking of suspicious activity (till opening, product deduction, cancellation before payment collection, cancellation of receipts) (available soon)

  • Open store cycle counting (by family or by product, without restriction)

  • Simplified customer account management


  • A pre-programmed database of best-selling products

  • Scan of FDJ gaming booklets enabling stock monitoring

  • Automatic creation of new FDJ games

  • Simpler customisation of keys and products

  • Automatic calculation of order proposals for taxable products

  • Automatic integration into stock of taxable product deliveries

  • Automatic integration into stock of taxable product outgoings

  • Multi-supplier management

  • Ability to create products via the virtual cash register upstream from installation (availability depends on commercial offer selected)

  • Ability to reintegrate tobacconist / newsagent / bookshop / taxable items information (depending on supplier) (availability depends on commercial offer selected)

Bimedia’s payment-collection solution is NF 525-certified, in accordance with the NF Certification Regulations for "Payment Collection Management Software" and standard ISO/IEC 25051 of the 22/09/2017, obtained under certificate number 17/0099.

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